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Why you need a Static Website?

The days when companies used to have characters moving all over their landing page to make it look intriguing have now faded into oblivion. Both large and small organisations, these days, are using static websites. If you're still going for it in two minds then don't worry. Here are all the reasons why you should opt for static websites.

  • When it comes to security, static websites are a safe bet compared to dynamic ones
  • Static websites are more reliable as it connects to the server directly.
  • The lack of middleman / database makes the static site much quicker and easier to load.
  • Static websites have basic HTML files that require less space making it cheaper to host these websites.
  • Basic static websites that have HTML files can easily be scaled by simply increasing the usage.

Will Static website help your business to Grow?

Static website design consists of uploaded ready-made pages (HTML, JS, graphics, fonts) to the server. Static sites have significant advantages: high-speed loading of pages, and increased burglary resistance. They are mainly pages designed to display permanent information. The HTML language creates these websites, which does not allow for great freedoms to create effects or functionalities beyond the links. However, using other resources, we can achieve very good results that are very closely related to the dynamics when it comes to their visualisation.

The main advantage of static website pages is more than just how economical they can be. With modern and functional design including the images and the text you want to keep available at all times, they can fulfil the expectations you desire.

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What are the Benefits of website?

A static website, liberated from a content management system and database, is far less prone to hacks and holes in security. This means that no need to update CMS software or underlying server software — and quicker, easier backups are required. You can also just about place your website on any hosting platform.

  • It is quick to develop.
  • It is cheaper to develop.
  • It is easier to host.
  • It is ideal for small websites.
  • It is easier for search engines to index.
  • It is faster to transfer on slow connections
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